Chuck Grieb

Professional Activities
California State University Fullerton Aug 2002-Present
Professor and Coordinator of the Entertainment Art/Animation Concentration. Teach courses featuring both Traditional and Digital Animation. Responsible for the development and implementation of courses teaching Three Dimensional Digital Animation. Provide University and Department Committee service as member and chair for various committees as well as student advisement and curriculum design/planning. 

‘Oliver’s Treasure (3D Digitally Animated Production) 2012
A 3D, digitally animated short created using Alias Maya software which has  screened in over 80 festivals throughout the world.

Autodesk (Software Development Company)Animation Academy 2010: Level 2 Anatomy May - December, 2009.
Commissioned to author and illustrate 3D Digital Character Creation and Animation curriculum by Autodesk. 400 pages of material created, encompassing modeling, texturing, rigging, nCloth, Maya Fur, and animation using Autodesk Maya and Mudbox software.

‘Exact Change Only’ (2D Digitally Animated Production) 2007 
a 2D, digitally animated short created using Corel Painter and Adobe After Effects software. Screened in 14 international film festivals.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios (Animation Studio) June –July, 2005
Storyboard Artist for the TV Show, My Life As a Teenage Robot.

Walt Disney TV Animation (Animation Studio) February-April, 2005
Development Storyboard Artist for the animated 3D TV show, My Friends Tigger and Pooh.

Toonacious Animation Studios (Animation Studio) December 2004-January 2005.
Traditional Animator, After Effects Artist. Provided traditional animation services for ‘Stitch’ DVD extra. Provided After Effects Story Reel production services for Tinker Bell DVD extras.

‘Roland’s Trouble’ (3D Digitally Animated Production) 2003 
A 3D, digitally animated short created using Alias Maya software which has screened in 30 festivals throughout the world.

Cornerstone Animation (Animation Studio) October 2001 – July 2003
Traditional Animator, Flash Artist /Animator, After Effects Artist/Animator.  Helped to design production techniques designed to efficiently coordinate digital and traditional animation techniques.
Productions worked on under the Auspices of Cornerstone Animation inc
·         Lion King 1.5 July 2003 – After Effects Work, Conceptual Digital Animation
·         RAGGS Kids Club Band July 2003, Animator
·         LarryBoy The Good, The Bad, and The Eggly October 2002, Animator
·         LarryBoy  The Yodelnapper August 2002, Animator
·         LarryBoy Polar Pickle August 2002, Animator
·         LarryBoy Lego My Ego March 2002, Animator
·         LarryBoy Cuke of All Trades March 2002, Animator
·         Larry Boy The Angry Eyebrows December 2001 , Animator
·         LarryBoy Fly By Might December 2001, Animator

The Virtual Training Company (Online and CD Publisher) Published 2002, Maya Fundamentals
Co-authored a CD ROM introducing Alias Maya Software as a tool used for the creation of digital imagery and animation.

SimEx Studios (VFX Studio) September - October 2001
Storyboard artist; storyboarded a 3 and a half minute film, combining 3D CG animation and Live Action.

Unbound Studios (Animation Studio) 2001
·         Lionel, Flash Animator, traditional Artist.

Film Roman (Animation Studio) 2001
·         CapBusters , Flash Background and Character Layout.

FlashBang Studios (Animation Studio) June 2000-December 2003
Co-Founder, Director, Animator, Designer, Storyboard Artist, Timing Director. Developed and animated a variety of Flash animated, and After Effects projects.
Projects developed and produced under the auspices of FlashBang Studios:
·         Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD After Effects character animation, produced for Walt Disney TV Animation.
·         Viewer Mail Development, design, storyboard, and animation; a Flash animated short produced in conjunction with Mondo Media for BBC America.
·         Blue Cow Music Video Designed, Storyboarded, and animated a Flash animated music video for V12 Interactive. Intended for web viewing.
·         Rockhopper and Macaroni Webisode, storyboarded and animated in Flash for V12 Interactive. Intended for web viewing.

Walt Disney TV Animation (Animation Studio) September1996 - June 2000
  Storyboard Artist, Animator, Character Designer, Prop Designer, PhotoShop/Painter Artist, After Effects Animator, and Maya Artist/Animator.
·         Special Projects Department 1997 – June 2000
  The group responsible for producing the award winning educational series (I won the Storyboarding Award from the Golden Gate Film Festival in 1998 for the John Muir episode of Genie's Great Minds), Genie’s Great Minds. The Special Projects department handles small, unique projects, often incorporating traditional and digital techniques.
  Shows worked on under the auspices of Special Projects:
I Am Your Child (CD ROM), The Dalmatians Sound Effects Show (Short), Genie’s Great Minds (Series of 90 second, multimedia, educational Shorts featuring the Genie charcter from Aladdin), Hercules (Title Sequence), Timon And Pumbaa (Promotional Shorts), Winnie The Pooh Sing Along Songs (Direct to Video), Oscar’s Atlas (Development Project), Little Angelita (Short), 4WD (Pilot),  Filmore (TV Show; development storyboards and After Effects Animation), Find Out Why (Educational shorts featuring Timon and Pumba, produced in conjunction with the National Science Foundation). Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD extras, Digital Art and After Effects animator. Snow White DVD extras. Digital Art and After Effects animator.
·         4WD
An experimental Pilot, exploring the use of After Effects animation as a TV animation production tool. Roles filled on 4WD:
Co-Director, Storyboard Artist, Timing Director, prepared After Effects/PhotoShop Layouts for animation, After Effects Animator.
·Storyboard Artist
101 Dalmatians (Series, Sound Effects Show), Pepper Ann (Series), 4WD (Pilot), Weekenders (Series), Hercules (Title Sequence), Genie’s Great Minds (Series), Winnie The Pooh Sing A Long (Direct to Video), Oscar’s Atlas (Development), Timon and Pumbaa (Promos), Find Out Why (Series), Pocahontas II (Direct to Video), Beauty and the Beast II (Direct to Video).

Glendale City College 1997 - 2005 
Adjunct Professor. Designed a sequence of traditional animation courses from Drawing for Animation, to creating a finished animated film. The courses were designed to progressively build the students’ skills and knowledge of animation.


Illustration included in EXPOSÉ 4 Ballistic Publishing brings together the world’s leading digital artists to create EXPOSÉ. EXPOSÉ is an annual compilation of the finest digital art in the known universe, featuring 317 artworks from 241 artists in 49 countries, selected from over 5,000 submissions.
Painter, The World’s Finest Painter Art
Illustration included in Painter, The World’s Finest Painter Art. A showcase of the world's finest digital artwork using Corel's natural media painting program, Painter. Painter, The World’s Finest Painter Art exhibits 209 works by 135 artists.
3D World Magazine May 2005
Artwork featured in May 2005 edition of 3D World Magazine.


Master of Fine Arts in Film Production. The University of Southern California.  School of Cinema/Television. 1993.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Media Arts. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Member Alpha Chi National Honors Society. 1989.